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Terribles Tires LLC is the premier tire shop and repair solution for the Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas.
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Mobile Tire Repair | Terribles Tires LLC | Las Vegas, NV | (702) 498-0623
To find out how our team can help you stay on the road and come to your location if needed, ask our professionals about our mobile tire repair solutions.
Mobile Tire Repair
Give your family the confidence and security that comes with a trusted and reliable roadside assistance provider.
Roadside Assistance
Tire Replacement | Terribles Tires LLC | Las Vegas, NV | (702) 498-0623
To learn more about our tire replacement services, or to browse our extensive tire selection, stop by our shop today.
Tire Replacement

We now offer emergency road side service for the for:
Mesquite, CA
And Anywhere You Are!

Mobile Tire Repair

Roadside Assistance


Tire Replacement


Mobile Tire Repair

Mobile Tire Repair | Terribles Tires LLC | Las Vegas, NV | (702) 498-0623

As the leader in mobile tire repair in Las Vegas, NV, Terribles Tires LLC has been coming to the roadside rescue of our...

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance | Terribles Tires LLC | Las Vegas, NV | (702) 498-0623

We offer premier roadside assistance in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas by offering 24 hour support, affordable...

Tire Replacement

Tire Replacement | Terribles Tires LLC | Las Vegas, NV | (702) 498-0623

Terribles Tires LLC is the top provider for tire replacement in Las Vegas, NV. Our team has the most comprehensive tire...

Offering our customers affordable and reliable tire repair and replacement services.

Welcome to Terribles Tires LLC

Terribles Tires LLC offers a wide variety of tire solutions including tire repair, roadside assistance, and mobile tire repair packages. If you own a car then at some point in your cars life, you'll need to replace or repair your tires. Our team of highly trained experts can quickly remove your old tire, replace your vehicle with brand new tires, balance, align and get your car back on the road with confidence and fast results.

Driving requires people to hit the road at all times of the day and night, that's why our 24 hour roadside assistance program is so popular with our customer. To know that you are protected any time of the day and can call upon prompt and trusted mechanics to come to your location and help you out of a jam is priceless.

Our tire shop houses the very best in product and quality tires giving you a full selection of all purpose tires, specialty tires, high performance tires, winter and summer tire solutions and much more. If you are looking for the best tire for the best price the Terribles Tires LLC is the right shop for you.

Our Tire Services Include:

  • Mobile Tire Repair
  • Wheel Balancing Services
  • Mobile Tire Plugging
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Gas Delivery, Jump Starts and Minor Repairs
  • Tire Replacement Services
  • New and Used Tire Selections
  • Flat Tire Replacement
  • Spare Tire Replacement and more

To learn more about our services or to speak to one of our professionals about your on-going maintenance needs or roadside assistance inquiries, contact us today during normal business hours. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have about our tire support services.

Join our family of dedicated and prompt technicians to give you the confidence, convenience and affordable prices you deserve during all your travel adventures. We guarantee that once you use us, you'll never look back.

Terribles Tires LLC

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